3 Reasons To Love Arrow’s Gidget Sewing Tables

Our Gidget Sewing Tables are two of our most popular items. We offer two versions of these self-contained, fully collapsible workstations – the Gidget I Sewing Table and the Gidget II Sewing Table. Here, we will go over the similarities and differences between the two tables, along with their key features, so you can discover which table is perfect for you.

Flat Bed Sewing Position

Both the Gidget I and Gidget II tables allow for free arm or flat bed sewing positions and come with a platform to hold your sewing machine. The Gidget I Sewing Table can support sewing machines weighing up to 35 pounds and has a sewing platform opening of 17 ½ W x 7 ⅜ D. The Gidget II Sewing Table will support sewing machines weighing up to 45 pounds, with a platform opening of 23 ½ W x 12” D, allowing the Gidget II Table to support a slightly larger sewing machine. The platforms on both tables are adjusted manually, and you should not adjust the platform when the sewing machine is on it. Both tables have the same outer dimensions, 40 ¼” W x19 ¾” D x 28 ½” H.

Since the Gidget II Sewing Table has a larger opening for your sewing machine, you may need a custom sewing insert for your sewing table. Purchasing the custom sewing insert will allow you to have a continuous flush surface across your sewing table. It will cover any gaps that you may otherwise have between your sewing machine and the table surface, which could be problematic while sewing. The sewing insert will allow you to use your sewing machine as a flat bed machine, bringing your sewing machine and your sewing table to the same flush level and giving you a more ergonomic sewing experience.

Fully Collapsible For Easy Storage

Both Gidget Sewing Tables are fully collapsible, making them extra easy to move to a different room or transport to various class locations. However, an added bonus included with the Gidget II Sewing Table is that it comes with a dual-wheel rolling design, making for easier transport. To do this, collapse the table and secure the legs together using the Velcro strap. You will see a natural handle formed by the table legs on the side opposite of the wheels. Use this handle to pick up the table and roll it around with you wherever you need it. The Gidget I Sewing Table does not have wheels, but it is still easy to transport when fully collapsed.

Both Gidget Sewing Tables weigh under 40 pounds and include a Velcro strap to secure the collapsed table legs together during transport and storage. Both tables are also designed to fit perfectly in small spaces, like under a bed or in a closet. This also makes it extra easy to bring your Gidget Sewing Table along with you in the car, to and from different classes or events, or even when you are traveling in an RV. Both Gidget Sewing Tables come with steel locking legs that provide stability, support, and balance when the table is fully upright and used. These table legs are easily secured by placing pressure on both legs supports until you hear them lock in place. With these strong, steel locking legs, you won’t have to worry about any wobbling while using your sewing machine, and you’ll have straight seams every time.

Fully Assembled

We know your time is valuable, too, so you won’t have to waste any time reading complicated directions while you try to assemble these sewing tables. Both tables arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to use! They even come complete with a yardstick ruler decal, showing both inches and centimeters, which is the icing on the cake. For everything you get with the Gidget Sewing Tables, you can’t find a better value anywhere else. Both sewing tables come with a mar-resistant melamine surface, which prevents scratches and helps your Gidget Sewing Table will last for years to come. Both tables also come with a three-year limited warranty.