What To Know Before Buying Your First Sewing Cabinet

Will Your Sewing Machine Fit?

One of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself while searching for your perfect sewing cabinet is if your sewing machine will fit. When measuring your sewing machine, you need to include any knobs, buttons, or cords that stick out of your sewing machine. These knobs and buttons might prevent you from raising and lowering your sewing machine properly. You will want to measure around the widest parts of your sewing machine to get the most accurate measurements.

Your sewing machine’s weight might also be a factor when you are searching for your perfect sewing cabinet. Our sewing cabinets are made to support the weight of most home-use sewing machines. All the sewing cabinets on our website list a maximum supporting weight the cabinet can handle, along with a lift-opening guide to ensure your sewing machine will fit your dream cabinet!

How Much Space Do You Have?

Since some of our sewing cabinets come with expandable features, like leaves, you will want to make sure you measure your area for the expandable dimensions as well as the compact dimensions of your sewing cabinet. The last thing you need is for your sewing cabinet to arrive, only to find out that you cannot expand it completely!

Every cabinet listed on our website has complete specifications listed in the features section, including size and weight it can support. Our specifications provide you with both open (expanded) and closed dimensions, along with specific measurements for all the drawers, shelves, mats, or other features that may come with the cabinet. These specifications help you find the perfect sewing cabinet for your available space and needs.

Another issue for space is where you like to have your sewing machine and accessories placed. This poses questions such as:

  • Do you prefer your sewing machine on the right side of the cabinet and more workspace to the left?
  • Do you work with your sewing machine on the left and your workspace to the right?
  • Would you like more workspace behind your sewing machine?
  • Where would you like the storage area so you can easily access items when you need them in the middle of a project?
  • Do you need an easily accessible ironing board?
  • What size chair will fit under the cabinet?
  • How compact would you like your sewing cabinet to be when it is not in use?
  • Will your sewing cabinet be in the corner of a room, or up against a wall?

These considerations must be taken when purchasing your first sewing cabinet. Having the perfect workspace will make your sewing projects more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sewing, Quilting, Both!?

The size of your workstation is another important deciding factor in your purchase, especially if you like to take on larger sewing projects, like quilting. If you are a beginner, you enjoy working on smaller projects, or typically sew in a smaller area of your home, a sewing cabinet with a smaller work area and storage features might be a better pick for you.

Another thing to consider when deciding on what you will be using your workspace for is holiday projects. These can be larger projects where you may need more room, or a variety of smaller projects that have you spending more time at your sewing machine than you usually do during the rest of the year.

If you decide on a smaller sewing cabinet, and your work area needs a change in the future, don’t worry. Most of our cabinets are designed to work together, so additional cabinets would not cause any drastic changes in size, color, or the ability to nest into other cabinets. The versatility in our cabinets allows you to easily create the perfect combination that works best for you and to grow your workspace as needed. Our sewing cabinets also come in various colors and finishes to perfectly complement your preferred style or decor. When the time comes to expand your workspace beyond your sewing cabinet, we also have a variety of storage cabinets that are perfect for storing everything from extra fabric to large spools of thread, along with tables that are perfect for a variety of crafting needs. You might also want to order a custom sewing insert for your cabinet to provide you with a large, seamless, level work surface.

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