What Is A Custom Acrylic Sewing Insert?

Most of us learned to sew with the sewing machine sitting on top of something, like a table or desk. We would have our wrists on the table with our fingers on top of the machine, which puts our hands, wrists, and fingers at uncomfortable angles. This may seem fine while working on a quick project, but after hours sitting at your sewing machine, you will start to feel pain in your hands and wrists. 

A custom acrylic sewing insert is designed to ease any discomfort sewing may cause, while also expanding your work surface. It is a plexiglass insert that is custom designed not only to fit your sewing cabinet or sewing table but also fits seamlessly around your sewing machine. Your sewing machine sits in a recessed area of a table or sewing cabinet, and this insert allows your table and the sewing machine to sit at the same level. The insert fits around your sewing machine, filling in the gaps between the machine and your work surface. This creates a single, large, smooth work area. It essentially brings your sewing machine and your work surface to the same level, preventing things like sore wrists, shoulders, and fatigued muscles. It houses your dream sewing machine, making your sewing projects not only easier but more comfortable.   A custom insert also allows you to more accurately sew straight lines because the insert doesn’t allow your fabric to drape over the ends of your sewing machine that are so close to your foot and needle, where the slightest movement can throw your project off. The clear plexiglass design also makes it easy to see if you have any problems with the machine underneath the insert, such as approaching the end of a bobbin. 

Flat Bed vs. Free Arm Sewing

When you look at sewing machines designed for home use, you will typically find two types of machines – flat bed and free arm machines. 

Flat bed machines are usually older style sewing machines. These sewing machines are usually made of metal, so they don’t come with a removable accessory kit. They typically sit a little closer to your work surface, but not completely flush to your work surface, which still puts your hands and wrists at an awkward angle, although it might not be as much of an angle as a free arm sewing machine. 

Most modern sewing machines available for purchase today for home use have a removable accessory kit built around the free arm. These are considered “free arm” sewing machines. Our custom sewing inserts are designed to fit your sewing machine with this accessory kit removed and the free arm exposed. Because these custom sewing inserts are made to fit around the sewing machine’s free arm, it can create a more stable work surface, joining your sewing machine to your sewing cabinet or table. With the accessory kit removed, the custom insert is a larger surface, preventing the insert from slipping out of place. With free arm sewing machines, your wrists typically sit close to a ninety-degree angle, which is not ergonomic and can get very uncomfortable over a long period of time. 

Some people have free arm sewing machines, but never actually use the free arm feature. The free arm comes in especially handy when you are sewing things like arm cuffs or other small or circular projects. People who need a larger work area, like quilters, typically don’t have a use for the free arm with their projects. However, you may still run into the problem of accurately sewing a straight line, especially if you are working with a heavier project since the fabric quickly runs over the back edge of the sewing machine, which may cause it to pull in a certain direction if you aren’t guiding it correctly.  

Do I Need One?

A custom sewing insert will create an ergonomic work surface when working in the free arm position. It keeps your wrists and fingers at the same level, preventing pain and discomfort. With this flat surface, you will see your fabric easily glide through your sewing machine and over your work surface. If you typically spend hours sewing at a time, a custom sewing insert would provide convenience and comfort and possibly prevent injuries.  

One of the things that our customers love about our custom sewing inserts is that they come with an adhesive ruler to place on the insert. Now you will always have a ruler handy, and you don’t have to waste time trying to remember where you had it last. This custom sewing insert can also make that perfect gift for your favorite seamstress or quilter!