Best Sewing Furniture For Apartments

When we think of sewing and crafting furniture, a few things come to mind. At the top of our list are comfort and organization. We want to give you the convenience of storage and a dedicated work area without cramming for space. Don’t let apartment living keep you from the sewing projects you love. There isn’t any reason why a lack of space can hold you back from the things that make you happy.

A Perfect Sewing Workstation For Your Apartment

When we make and design our sewing furniture, one of our goals is to maximize space while also giving you the convenience of organized storage for the sewing and crafting projects you love. Whether you happen to sew in your studio apartment or if you already have your dream sewing room, this is part of our mission. We design our top-of-the-line sewing furniture with space and organization in mind. Keep your sewing machine, thread, accessories, and other necessities all in one centralized location without taking up valuable closet space or floor space in your apartment.

Small Footprint, Big Possibilities!

At Arrow Sewing, we offer apartment-friendly designs that include sewing tables that can fold down for easy under-bed storage and sewing cabinets that only appear small from the outside. These tables and cabinets have opening doors and expandable leaves for extra workspace and easily condenses back into their original small footprint. More specifically, the Gidget II Sewing Table folds down to less than five inches tall, which makes it perfect for storing under a bed, and the Bandicoot Sewing Cabinet actually doubles in length when fully open.

Our cabinets and tables aren’t only for sewing and crafting. They can easily be worked into the style and decor of your apartment. Color choices can also complement and add to your existing apartment decor. Most of our products are available in ash white or teak finishes. Some people even use our cabinets to double as a nightstand or side table, or even bring them along in their RV!

Arrow’s Choices

After seeing the value of our compact sewing tables and cabinets that can also be used for other purposes, let’s go over some of the specific options you have for sewing and crafting while living in an apartment.

Gidget II Sewing Table

The Gidget II Sewing Table by Arrow Classic Sewing Furniture is perfect for you if under-the-bed storage is a must. When fully collapsed, this table is only 4 ½ inches tall, making it ideal for tight areas like under a bed. The legs are secured using a velcro strap, and two wheels along the side of the table allow it to be easily transported when fully collapsed and secured. When the Gidget II is fully open, the steel table legs lock in place to provide support and keep vibrations at a minimum. The manual lift platform can support sewing machines weighing up to 45 pounds while sewing in either the free arm or flatbed sewing positions.

Judy Sewing Cabinet

The Judy Sewing Cabinet made by Arrow Classic Sewing Furniture is perfect if you are also looking for storage for your sewing machine. This mid-size sewing cabinet is complete with locking rolling casters on the base, allowing it to effortlessly move to the location of your choice and stay where you want it. Sew in either the free arm or flat bed position with the ergonomic adjustable height sewing lift for sewing machines weighing up to 55 pounds. When finished sewing, simply use the hydraulic lift to move your sewing machine into the storage position and close the cabinet to its compact 25 ½ inch width. This cabinet can also double as an end table to maximize use.

Bandicoot Sewing Cabinet

If you have a little more space to splurge on, you need the Bandicoot Sewing Cabinet by Kangaroo Sewing Furniture. When you open the doors to the Bandicoot, you’ll find spool storage for up to 20 spools of thread, two cubbies along the inside of the doors for notions, magazines, or books, and two shelves perfect for holding baskets of accessories and tools. Fully open, Bandicoot gives you over 60 inches wide by 17 inches deep of workspace. When closed, it only takes up a width of 30 ½ inches of space. Pair with a custom acrylic sewing insert, and enjoy the wonders of flat bed sewing.

From sewing tables and sewing cabinets, to sewing chairs and specialty furniture, Arrow Sewing has many options to choose from to meet your specific needs. Depending on your circumstances, some of the features in our sewing tables and cabinets can prove to be invaluable. Clearly, you can live in an apartment and still have the storage room and workspace to do the sewing and crafting projects you love. Sewing is more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle!