Why Your Sewing Room Needs A Cutting Table

Why Your Sewing Room Needs A Cutting Table

If you have multiple projects you are working on at once, pieces of the same project spread out all over your sewing room, or if you are always running out to your dining room table to spread out that large piece of fabric to cut just right, you should consider getting yourself a designated cutting table for your sewing room. There is so much more to a cutting table than just cutting material for your current sewing project, and we’ll review just a few of them now.


There isn’t anything more convenient than a table you can easily move around, change the size of, and store your favorite supplies for quick and easy access. Our cutting tables are all set on heavy-duty casters, which allow you to move the table effortlessly and gives you 360-degree accessibility. The casters even lock in place, so you don’t need to worry about the table moving while you use it. Built-in, expandable side leaves let you customize your cutting table’s size to fit the needs of your current project. The table leaves lock in place, giving you level and secure support. All of our cutting tables have easy access to both front and rear storage, which maximizes space within the cutting table’s base. There isn’t one area of our tables that doesn’t get used.

The Kookaburra Cutting Table is our top-of-the-line cutting table that will make all your crafting dreams come true. It has a sturdy work surface that can expand up to 70 inches by 40 inches or folds down to 20 inches by 40 inches for easy storage. The front of this cutting table features four large, self-closing drawers with elegant hardware, and four customizable rear shelves in the back. This cutting table sits on eight heavy-duty casters for secure stability and easy mobility. The Kookaburra Cutting Table brings you the best of both style and function to your sewing room.


Comfort is an often overlooked feature when it comes to tables. You can usually get an idea about how comfortable other things are when shopping online for items such as chairs, but tables can be more difficult. If your table comes to an awkward height on you, even after adjusting your chair’s height or standing up to use the table instead, you won’t enjoy what you are doing. You’ll lack the motivation to go back and work on other projects or even cause unnecessary strain to your muscles and joints.

The Dixie Cutting Table is the perfect option for you if you are looking to maximize both space and comfort. This table sits on a sturdy metal frame on top of our heavy-duty, locking heavy-duty casters for easy mobility like most of our other products. There are two shelves under this table for easy access to whatever you need. The shelves are even big enough to hold multiple bolts of fabric. A cutting mat is also available to protect your table. The Dixie Cutting Table is complete with two folding table leaves that take this table from 14 inches wide to 49 inches wide. Not only does the Dixie Cutting Table adjust in width, but also height, going from 32 inches tall to 38 inches tall, allowing you to find the perfect height that is comfortable for you.


As you can tell from some of our other products, we love things that can be used for more than one purpose. Not only can you use our cutting tables for sewing projects, but you can also use them anytime you need a large, flat surface area to work on. Some of our other favorite uses for our cutting tables include scrapbooking, wrapping presents, and spreading out other crafting supplies for easy use. You can even lay things out to get a better idea of how they go together before starting your next project. The abundant storage space that comes with our cutting tables will hold everything you need and keep it right where you can reach it. Larger items can be easily stored within both the Kookaburra Cutting Table and Dixie Cutting Table for quick access.

Once your cutting table arrives, you won’t waste any time getting it set up and using it in your sewing room. You won’t have to take your fabric to other areas of the house in order to get the perfect cut in one seamless motion. And as a bonus, you won’t have to worry about making sure your dining room table is clean after you already laid down your fabric!

4 thoughts on “Why Your Sewing Room Needs A Cutting Table”

  1. I am in the market for a cutting table and a sewing cabinet to house a Babylock Serger and Soprano Sewing Machine

    1. Hi Elsie! You’ve come to the right place! Arrow Sewing offers a wide selection of cutting tables, and we have several cabinets that will fit your Soprano with space to store your serger.
      Take a look at any of these models:
      -Kangaroo & Joey
      If you have more questions or would like more help choosing your new sewing furniture, consider utilizing our Personal Shopper service. You can sign up at arrowsewing.com/personal-shopper/

  2. Can you use the Ironing portion of the Millie while the 2 sides are down, or do the leaves need to be up to support it?

    1. Hi Karen!

      The ironing board on the Millie can be used with one of the sides down; you’ll need at least one of the sides extended for stability.

      Happy Sewing!

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