Introducing Americana Luxury Sewing Furniture

Introducing Americana Luxury Sewing Furniture

Arrow Sewing is pleased and excited to introduce a new line of luxury sewing furniture – the Americana collection! The Americana collection is dedicated to providing you with the luxury sewing experience you deserve, while bringing comfort and elegance to your sewing area. The detailed, made in the USA craftsmanship in this collection is much like the precise artistry you bring to your sewing projects.

With our Americana collection, everything is in the details. The Americana collection includes soft close sliding drawers featured on each table, complete with a beautiful and timeless dovetail design on the inside with luxury hardware on the outside.

The premium, American-made construction of the Americana collections pieces are made to hold up to use for the largest home-use sewing machines on the market. A large A14 sized lift opening of 30 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches with each piece in this collection allows the Americana products to be used with almost any size sewing machine.

Each sewing cabinet in the Americana collection comes with permanent sewing machine housing that provides safe and secure storage for your sewing machine. These cabinets also come with an electric lift for your sewing machine that effortlessly raises and lowers your sewing machine, so you won’t have to manually do it yourself. This allows you to control your sewing machine’s height with the touch of a button to reach the perfect position for you. Unlike our other sewing tables that only allow you to sew in two positions, the sewing tables in the Americana collection give you the option to sew in the free arm position, flat bed position, or a custom position of your choice. When you aren’t using your sewing machine, lower your sewing machine with the push of a button to the storage position, where it is safely secured inside the sewing cabinet.

There are three beautiful pieces in the Americana collection. They each come with an expansive work surface, lift openings, secure cabinet storage, and elegant hardware. Let’s help you select the cabinet that is most comfortable and appropriate for your needs.

Amelia Luxury Sewing Cabinet

The Amelia sewing cabinet will bring comfort to your sewing room. This cabinet comes with four drawers in two different sizes and a large folding cabinet door that opens to your securely stored sewing machine. Open the quilt leaf to give you a large work area of 59 ¼ inches by 49 ½ inches, which is the largest work area of the three cabinets in this collection. This cabinet sits at the height of 30 ½ inches.

The bottom of this Amelia sewing cabinet features rolling casters that allow you to effortlessly move your sewing cabinet as needed. These casters also lock in place to prevent any unexpected movement. The Amelia cabinet is complete with a larger work area on the left side of the cabinet for comfort and easy accessibility to hold your needed tools and supplies.

Betsy Luxury Sewing Cabinet

The Betsy sewing cabinet will bring style to your sewing room. This cabinet comes with six drawers in two different sizes with an opening storage cabinet. Two additional cabinet doors open to the sewing machine storage area in the center of the cabinet. The fully extendable work surface area of 62 ¾ inches by 36 ⅝ inches and stands 30 ½ inches tall.

The Betsy cabinet is set on rolling casters for easy mobility to your ideal workspace or to easily store where you want it. The casters also lock in place to prevent any movement while you are sewing. The top of this cabinet slightly extends towards you, which gives you additional space for comfort.

Susan Luxury Sewing Cabinet

The Susan sewing cabinet will bring comfort and elegance to your sewing room. This cabinet comes with four drawers in two different sizes to hold all your sewing tools, patterns, notions, and more. With a height of 30 ½ inches and a fully expandable work area of 61 inches by 37 inches, this sewing cabinet gives you plenty of room to work with.

Rolling industrial casters allow you to quickly move your cabinet to your desired location and securely lock it in place. The Susan sewing cabinet is complete with recessed areas built into the top of the cabinet that are perfect for keeping pins or bobbins in one area, so you won’t have to search around for them.

As you can see, these beautiful cabinets aren’t like any other sewing cabinets. They bring elegance and style to your sewing area, along with the comforts of electronic lifts and soft close drawers. These American-made sewing cabinets are our labor of love. Let our labor of love help you with yours. One of these three premium pieces of luxury sewing furniture will bring ultimate style and comfort to your sewing area. The Americana collection welcomes you to sewing luxury.

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